Large water pond will be formed on the quarry Pechurki in next few years and it will become favorite public place for rest and nature values observation. The territory of the quarry already is suitable for start of nature tourism development. For the last 5 years a lot of ecological studies was conducted here, which investigated high diversity of species and habitat’s types on the quarry and presence of valuable and rare objects among them. Nevertheless issues of habitats restoration, conservation and further research of biodiversity at the quarry, raising of public awareness about nature values are currently important.
Goal of the project is to implement practical measures on attraction of animal species to the quarry with active participation of society. In addition, a study and conservation of orchid plants growing in the quarry will be conducted. Wide range of stakeholders are planned to be involved to the activities on installation of artificial nests for birds and bats and to be acquainted with the nature of the quarry by means of information materials created in the frame of the project. Local communities can directly put efforts to increase the number and diversity of species in the quarry, learn more about their environment and in the future act independently to improve it.

Hanging of insect houses on Pechurki quarry / Развеска домиков для насекомых в Печурках

On 24th May we have visited Pechurki quarry and hanged all insect houses that was filled by children from the Library of city of Slantsy last week. ________________________________________________________ 24 мая мы посетили карьер Печурки для того, чтобы развесить домики для насекомых, которые дети из Сланцевской библиотеки заполняли на прошлой неделе.

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Filling of houses for insects for Pechurki quarry

11 small insects houses were filled by children at Library of city Slantsy on May, 18 for futher installation at the Pechurki quarry.

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Ducks and bats got houses on the Pechurki quarry

Together with the CESLA volunteer team artificail boxes for common goldeneyes and bats were put up on trees on the Pechurki quarry. First action on attraction of animal species to the quarry in the frame of our project is made!

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Common goldeneye will get new houses on the quarry "Pechurki"

Artificial nest boxes for common goldeneye are prepared for putting up on the quarry "Pechurki"

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