What is preservation? How do we heal the wounds in nature, do we heal them at all?

Löten quarry has a rich histry and is a part of the cultural heritage of Ekerö. At the site, mining has been executed for over 120 years. The huge masses of sand and gravel from Löten is a cornerstone in the Stockholm cityscape. The landscape has been truly altered, but soon the quarrying is reacing its final stage of extraction. As the industrial activity is comin to an end, the landscape restoration will have to follow gradually. Several endangered species has been found at the site, which are strongly connected to the special habitats of sand and gravel quarries. In the past these habitats have been overlooked, and should now be embraced in a new way. As landscape architects, we want to use design principles that protects, promotes and strenghtens these habitats. Many of these habitats needs disturbance, and by bringing people to the site this can be achieved.

Since Löten is situated close to Stockholm there is a huge potential to bring a large number of people to the site and create a public interest in ecotourism. By making the site accessible via trails and design inventions, biodiversity and industrial heritage is highlighted. As of today there is no restoration plan for Löten. Our goal is to create a design proposal that will be implemented both during and after extraction. We want to create a place where biodiversity, cultural history, education and recreation can coexist.