On 15th of May, Myhailo Lystopads`ky, a member of the ornithological team, participated in the conference devoted to the International Day for Biological Diversity. The conference was held at the Children`s Ecological Center in Kamiznske. It was attended by teachers of the nature disciplines, heads of the young naturalists` circles, pupils, ecology students, scientists and representatives of the City`s Education Department. The participants had a mutually useful discussion on the priorities of the ecological studies in the Oblast, developing an algorithm of attracting youth to ecological projects. Myhailo Lystopadsky`s speech was focused on the methodology of organizing zoological studies in natural and transformed ecosystems. Its content was based on the experience gained during conducting our project.
On May 31, Petro Chegorka, the head of the project, met the pupils of Verhivtsevo School. He spoke on the current problems of nature-protection in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, explained the main idea of the Quarry Life Award contest, and answered numerous questions.