The Grizzly Bear Team had a great day this past Saturday at the Cadomin Limestone Quarry. With clear skies and temperatures reaching 15C, it’s no surprise that bears are finally out and about! Our first barbed wire site we checked had no hair samples, but a couple quick snapshots of a grizzly bear passing by the trail camera. So our excitement was buzzing as we hiked into our second site. Success! We found grizzly bear hair on the barbed wire and on the pile of branches where we had poured the scent lure. Trail camera photos showed the bear arrive on the afternoon of April 26th, and after spending fifteen minutes rolling in the scent, wander off, leaving hair samples behind.
With evidence to prove our technique was working, we set up two new barbed wire sites. Both sites had plenty of grizzly bear sign in the area: tracks of an adult and a young cub, bear scat, and two old bear beds. With so much bear sign around, we can’t wait to come back in two weeks and see what we get!