With 1.7 million species, biodiversity is one of the largest capitals on the planet. A capital yet unknown by many actors despite the many facets it presents and its importance for present and future generations. A capital especially at risk because more than 16,000 species of animals and plants are qualified by The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as being threatened with extinction. 


The role of man in these annoying destructions of ecosystems is well established! 

 In the mining sector, the main challenge lies in the restoration of sites exploited for the preservation of biodiversity. The actions taken in this direction by the promoters cannot succeed if all stakeholders are not sensitized, educated and trained on the very value of biodiversity and the various issues inherent in its preservation. 

Everything is therefore a question of Education, Communication and Information (IEC)!

The project "GREEN TICKETS" is intended as a channel of study, discussion, and popularization of information on issues related to the protection of the environment, particularly with regard to the preservation of biodiversity on mining sites.

The project will de facto increase the visibility of SCANTOGO's initiatives by promoting awareness raising through the media, information and communication technologies, cultural activities and school environments.